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Webmasters Workgroup

Webmasters Website


Recommend policies and guidelines for internet and web-related technologies for state government agencies.

Scope & Boundaries

Promote interoperability of Internet and web-related technologies for state agency websites including portals, web online forms, web page designs, web page content, web authoring software, web browsers, web accessibility, web security and privacy and developing web standards and guidelines.

Goals & Outcomes

Educate Provide information and training to state government agencies, webmasters, and policy makers about web related issues.

Communicate Discussion of web-related issues of information, problems and solutions. To increase awareness of State of Nebraska's Webmaster Group.

Requirements Determine publication, authoring, and accessibility requirement of state government agencies based on state and federal laws of regulations.

Policies and GuidelinesPrepare draft policies and guidelines, using the procedures outlined in Section 3 of the Statewide Technology Plan.

CoordinateWork with the State Records Board, the Accessibility Work Group, and any/all aspects of the State Government Council on web-related issues.


This work group will:

• Make recommendations to State Government Council regarding policies and guidelines for internet and web related technologies.

• Identify problems and issues related to web technology and user interface.